Year round outdoor seating

Despite of, or perhaps because of, the long chilly winters Wisconsin is known for, outdoor seating was a priority for our future taproom space and a simple sidewalk cafe wasn’t going to cut it. Our landlords already had an idea for the parking and entry area that seemed to mesh perfectly with our plans. The parking lot will be made with a permeable paver system of blocks. This allows rain water to naturally find its way into the ground instead of being directed into overworked storm sewers and drains. This allows us to put in a beautiful bioswale filled with native Wisconsin wetland plants. Over this will stretch our boardwalk.

Since our building team does quite a bit of outdoor work, in addition to their remodeling work, they have a great handle on making gorgeous decks, pergolas, and amazing patios. Pulling from this skill set will ensure that our boardwalk will be a great spot for a pint. The boardwalk will stretch from the entry way of the building out to the sidewalk. Fencing will separate it from the parking lot and a railing will provide safety and separation from the bioswale below. With gorgeous solar powered lighting guests will be able to enjoy the native wetland plants at night as well. With enough space for 60 people we hope our outdoor space will be packed as soon as the snow melts and with plans to put small geodesic domes out for the colder months we hope to make the long chilly winter more inviting as well.

Nick Kocis