Finding a home

Dead Bird Brewing started on a shoestring. We didn’t own equipment, we barely had any kegs, our time was split between work, family, and the brewery. We started with a few accounts and grew rather quickly as the new kids on the block. In the summer of 2017 we started looking outside of our hometown of Madison for new shelf space. Close to our Madison production location, filled with eager beer drinkers, and slightly more than twice the size, Milwaukee was an easy choice.

With an expansion into Milwaukee underway our next expansion was going to be internal. Dead Bird Brewing had started to out grow our production in Madison and with our new contract brewing going well at MobCraft it was time to find ourselves a new home. The search took us all round the Milwaukee metro area. After almost eight months we had finally found the spot. 1726 N 5th Street.


Built around the turn of the last century, the cream city brick building originally housed Milwaukee’s first grocery delivery service. The first floor of the three story front contained the stables for the horses that pulled the wagons, which were stored on the second floor. The administrative offices were housed on the third. These were currently occupied so we laid claim to the large barrel roof section that was the old storage warehouse.

With a twenty foot ceilings, flying hot-riveted steel trusses, and gorgeous cream city brick walls this space is to become the new home of Dead Bird Brewing Company!

Nick Kocis